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Windows movie maker for windows 10:

Windows 10 is the newbie of the mostly operated OS, there are approx 67% of windows OS users in the world and with great development and upgrades Microsoft comes with windows 10. Windows 10 is the fully updated and manageable with all the background working and space in drives, which is somehow shows the stability and transparency of windows. Introducing these advance features to new users and greeting them with a short and simple tutorial, there are few features like windows movie maker which are not pre-installed in the windows 10. Windows movie maker was initially pre-installed in the OS (windows xp,vista,7,8), but in windows 10 it is not. Here we will be sharing the information that from where you can download the window movie maker and access it easily for free.

Windows movie maker online download is available here, you can simply click on the download button and redirect yourself to the download tab. The windows movie maker is an easy download process and can be easily accessed, there are numerous features of windows movie maker.

  • Edit: Music can be added and edited.
  • Sharing: Created files can be shared on web.
  • Create slide and videos: Process number of images to create movie.

These are the frequent features which are needed in creating movies and above stated all the features can be easily accessed in the windows movie makes as single download provides you a movie maker application that helps you to create, edit and share videos in it.

How to use Window movie maker?

Windows movie maker is a well developed package of multiple task, all the images/photos can be easily synchronized in the movie maker and you can easily select multiple files to be added into the video and you can also add default music as there are different options according to some occasions and festivals, you can choose from there and also import ringtones and another saved music files from the system and use it as your movie background music. You can also import small video files and add multiple files and export it into one single file, windows movie maker comes with a new update in which short video files can be easily merged into single file.

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After creating the videos or movies you can also access the sharing and saving process, generally movie making application asks you for credit to access the created video for saving or sharing it but we are not charging a single penny. You can simply save the created videos and also share them on the web for free as there is no standard mark or highlight from where you created the video. This is the process that how you can easily download and access windows movie maker for free.

Benefits of Windows movie maker

  • Easily Download.
  • Easy to learn and access: Windows movie maker is easy to access as above stated steps will help you to create movies on your own and create your memories.

So, by concluding  in the last we hope you will be satisfied with the application and its use, just an easy download and free use for the rest of the time.